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Cloud Services

We believe that every business context is unique, which is why we offer tailor made service level packages to address your requirements. To help you get a better understanding, we have broken down these packages into 4:



1. i have a team

This option is suitable for businesses who express the desire to maintain the live systems directly through their established teams. Although this approach is likely to reduce our involvement post implementation, this 'peace of mind' package will still ensure that you have a fully functional solution that meets your requirements. 

  • Business analysis & solution design
  • Data migration from your previous systems
  • Full implementation
  • Training program
  • Full solution hosting
  • Ongoing support
  • Periodic software upgrades


2. beyond support

This package comprises all of the above and goes beyond. Thanks to the cloud, you no longer require significant human resources to support your I.T. environment. Instead of burdening yourself with unnecessary wages, allocate a fraction of the cost to this support package. We offer an end-to-end managed service to ensure that such 'unjustified cash outflows' are a thing of the past!


3. Accounting Services

Looking for a Xero accountant in Malta? We can provide a list of SCOPE-approved accountants who have been trained and are fully supported in using Xero accounting software in Malta. Contact us with your needs and we would be happy to recommend an accountant depending on your specific requirements.


4. Custom Integrations

Do you have an internal application to manage your day-to-day business? Would you like to integrate this application to Xero Accounting Software? We can help you set up your custom integration using our ScopeSaas API Framework.

ScopeSaaS is a powerful API framework which provides custom integrations to Xero Accounting Software. Whether you wish to GET or POST (read and write) data such as invoices or manual journals, we have an API toolkit readily available to be used by your application. You just need to develop the web services to connect to our API and you're done! We will take care of the rest including analysis, design, testing and support.

Easy, fast, hand-holding and fully supported... at an affordable monthly COST

If you need more information about our custom integration services, contact us with more details of your application and we will be happy to assist.