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This end-to-end Billing & Job Management software contains everything you need to manage your business workflow - in one integrated platform. This is ideal for service providers such as Accountants, Creative & Marketing Agencies, Architects & Designers, Construction Companies, Business Consultants, Engineers and IT & Web Services.
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Main Product Features

Lead Manager

Track your leads, sales pipeline, and proposals in one place. Includes a Sales Pipeline Management Dashboard


Customers like to have an accurate idea of what a job will cost. With Quotes, you can send reliable estimates that are completely customizable.

Client Managament

See all the information about your clients from one
easy-to-navigate screen.


Sick of manually inputting timesheet info? Now, employees take control of their own timesheets, and WorkflowMax does the rest.

JOb Tracking

Figure out what’s going on with a job. If you want to know the who, what, when, how and why, you can see it at a glance from the Job Manager Screen.

Job Costing

Our job costing software helps you understand where profit is made or lost. No EOQ / EOY surprises!

Custom Fields

Custom fields enable you to add information against jobs, clients and leads, and to group this information however you want.

Document Management

Documents uploaded into WorkflowMax can be pushed into Box, Dropbox or Drive, so you can leverage these document management tools.

Mobile Site

With mobile workflow management, you can keep track of your jobs & remain in contact with clients / suppliers from anywhere in the world.

Collaboration Manager

Work together with clients, staff and contractors in WorkflowMax with a range of collaboration tools.

Purchase Orders

Easily manage your outgoings and track purchase orders against job costing.


Invoicing is one of the best parts of doing business - the part where you get paid - but it can also be a headache. Not anymore.


Discover trends in your business you can utilize to increase profit. Powerful, flexible reporting gives you valuable business insights.


Xero Integration

With Xero and WorkflowMax working together, your business has never been in better hands. Push Invoices, payments & purchase orders.


Speed up the process by customising templates which can be reused across quotes & jobs.

*Pricing includes

No upfront costs No upfront costs
No hidden charges
Implementation & Integrations Implementation & Integrations
Data Migration Data Migration
Training of Users Training of Users
Post Go Live Support Post-launch Support
Enhancements & Hosting Enhancements & Hosting

No upfront costs - No hidden charges

Our pricing model remains loyal to the monthly offering as is custom in the cloud industry. This means that there are NO upfront costs or hidden charges to implement the solution. SCOPE will bear the cost of the effort to migrate your business to our solution.

Read more about our monthly fee.

Implementation, Configuration & Integrations

This is an agile process with frequent product iterations and communication with the client especially when there are multiple options on how to achieve a requirement. The process includes the configuration of products within the solution, loading of reference data and testing each module.

When the solution consists of a suite of products, full and real-time integration between the different products is essential and is an integral part of the implementation.

Data Migration

Your data is typically migrated into the system prior to handing it over for testing.

SCOPE will prepare the templates for data migration. Although we will lead you through this delicate part of the process, your support during the data extraction phase is key. Ensuring that your data is complete and accurate, is ultimately ensuring the project is a huge success!

Training of Users

A comprehensive training program will be provided to key users using a Train the Trainer approach (this will be customised according to your needs including the size of your organisation). Our objective is to provide you with an exhaustive overview which would allow you to use the systems proficiently with minimal supervision from SCOPE. Having said that ... SCOPE will remain available to help and re-train personnel on a by-need basis.

Post-launch Support

After you go live with the solution, support is automatically included within our offering as we want you to keep focus on your core business and not on IT systems. SCOPE operates an unlimited support policy. Support related to the exploitation of the solution functionality is provided on an unlimited basis. For more information check out the Support tab.

Enhancements & Hosting

All products are continuously being developed and improved. All of our solutions are automatically upgraded periodically with new releases. A new release may contain new product features, improved functionality, performance updates and bug fixes. These enhancements are seamlessly added to your current solution without disruption.

Your data is securely hosted in the best data centres around the globe, to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind you truly deserve to focus on your business.

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