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Xero accounting introduced a revolution in the world of accounting by creating an online accounting platform which is designed to be concurrently used by both business and accounting professionals. It works on any device connected to the internet and can be shared with your accountant in real-time. This product is very versatile, making it an ideal fit for any business.

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Main Product Features


Instantly see all your bank balances, recent sales, upcoming bills and selected expenses on your watch list.

Bank reconciliation

Upload bank statements and reconcile with a few clicks. Create rules to automatically create transactions using pre-defined logic.


Reconcile foreign currency accounts. Gains & losses are calculated automatically.


Prepare pay runs and track wage expenses. Email payslips directly to employees and generate FSS reports for statutory purposes.

Fixed asset depreciation

Easily update fixed assets & depreciation schedules for accurate reporting.


Your data has never been safer, backed up and reliable with multiple redundant servers at tier-one data centers, guarded 24/7/365.

Financial reporting

Instant, up-to-date reporting with quick links to all the original transactions with drill-down capabilities.

Pay bills

Manage your spending and make bill payments in bulk to creditors.

Expense claims

Handle personal expenses - just review and approve receipts.


Do invoicing, expenses and track cashflow on the go straight from your iPhone or Android device.


Track stock movements & make invoicing even easier with Inventory Items. Integrate with a POS / Inventory Managment Solution for full inventory-related capabilities.


See your most important customers & suppliers to follow up right away.

Attach Files

Attach documents to invoices & expense claims. Attach documents directly to customers and suppliers for future ease of reference.

Purchase Orders

Create fully customisable purchase order documents and send them to your supplier via email.

Xero Accountant in Malta

If you are looking for a Xero accountant in Malta, we can help you via our partners.

Custom Integration

Use DataDear API platform to easily integrate (read and write) your application with Xero Accounting.

Online Accounting

Run your business and access your accounts from work, home or on the go. Invite others to view your accounts and provide valuable real-time advice. Your data is completely secure even if your computer is lost or stolen.

Collaborate online

Mac, PC, mobile

Always up-to-date

Private and secure

Free software updates

Software updates are free and automatically available when you login. Every 3-6 weeks we release innovative new features and enhancements based on ideas from our customers.

Xero Accouting Software Dashboard


This is the pulse of your business. See all your bank balances, invoices, bills and expense claims at-a-glance. Add new transactions with a click. Interactive graphs show money going in & out, and the watchlist lets you monitor specific accounts.

Bank Reconciliation

Get your bank statements imported and categorized automatically including credit cards, PayPal and foreign currencies. It’s effortless to keep your accounts accurate and up-to-date.

Smart bank reconciliation

Xero will match most of your bank transactions automatically. Just click OK to reconcile. You can also create custom rules to automatically match more complex transactions, like split payments.

Fast cash coding

Reconcile large numbers of transactions faster than ever. Import and automatically reconcile pre-coded bank statements.


Send invoices, reconcile accounts & get paid in over 160 different currencies. Foreign exchange rates are updated hourly, so you instantly know exactly how gains and losses are affecting your cashflow.

Real-time currency conversions

Enter invoices, reconcile accounts and get paid in any combination of different currencies.

See gains & losses instantly

Gains and losses are calculated in real-time.

Report by currency

All reports are revalued with the latest currency conversions.

Fixed Assets

Easily update fixed assets & depreciation schedules for accurate reporting. Select depreciation method and useful life of assets and run depreciation for given periods. All derived values update your trial balance automatically.

Financial Reporting

View and share interactive reports and budgets in real-time — no more waiting for month end. All reports link through to the source transactions.

Comprehensive & flexible

Over 40 reports such as profit & loss, balance sheet, management reports, sales tax return and depreciation schedule.

Lock dates

Close off your accounts at the end of reporting periods such as tax periods and financial year-end.

Budget manager

Quickly prepare a comprehensive budget and compare performance against actual or selected periods.

Expense Claims

Manage personal expenses and reimburse employees for payments made on behalf of the business. After receipts are added you have the option to approve or decline individual items – then just schedule a payment for reimbursement.

Go mobile with Xero Touch

Manage your business on the go straight from your iPhone or Android device. Login with a 4-digit passcode then view your accounts, create and send invoices, chase up outstanding invoices, snap a picture of receipts, submit expense claims and more.


Inventory Items speed up invoicing while tracking sales & purchases. Import and export price lists in one go. We can also provide more powerful inventory management solutions.


Contacts are automatically created when you enter transactions. View customer and supplier payment histories, along with the average time to pay and current payment status.

Manage customer relationships

All contact records have a thorough transaction history, with contact log and notes. To make invoicing quicker, add customer details like: bank account, tax ID, tax rate, currency and invoice format.

Google Maps and Skype

Customer and supplier addresses automatically link to Google Maps. Add their Skype name to speed dial them directly.

Attach Files

With Xero, cloud accounting moves beyond transactions and reports to include files and documents as part of the full financial data picture.

Files lets you attach multiple documents to almost anything in Xero and have them right at your fingertips, exactly where you expect to find them. Files can be associated with invoices, transactions, expense receipts, fixed assets, contacts, chart of accounts, bank accounts and even manual journals.

We’ll let you store 1GB to begin with – that’s about 20,000 typical Word docs and enough to keep the average small business going for many years. We’ll provide for increased storage in the future.

Purchase Orders

Create fully customisable purchase order documents

Email these documents to your suppliers

Easily generate bills by copying existing purchase orders

Copy purchase orders to new purchase orders and even to new sales invoices for on-charging

Follow an approval workflow in the same way you do for invoicing

Manage and search your purchase orders from their own dashboard

*Pricing includes

No upfront costs No upfront costs
No hidden charges
Implementation & Integrations Implementation & Integrations
Data Migration Data Migration
Training of Users Training of Users
Post Go Live Support Post-launch Support
Enhancements & Hosting Enhancements & Hosting

No upfront costs - No hidden charges

Our pricing model remains loyal to the monthly offering as is custom in the cloud industry. This means that there are NO upfront costs or hidden charges to implement the solution. SCOPE will bear the cost of the effort to migrate your business to our solution.

Read more about our monthly fee.

Implementation, Configuration & Integrations

This is an agile process with frequent product iterations and communication with the client especially when there are multiple options on how to achieve a requirement. The process includes the configuration of products within the solution, loading of reference data and testing each module.

When the solution consists of a suite of products, full and real-time integration between the different products is essential and is an integral part of the implementation.

Data Migration

Your data is typically migrated into the system prior to handing it over for testing.

SCOPE will prepare the templates for data migration. Although we will lead you through this delicate part of the process, your support during the data extraction phase is key. Ensuring that your data is complete and accurate, is ultimately ensuring the project is a huge success!

Training of Users

A comprehensive training program will be provided to key users using a Train the Trainer approach (this will be customised according to your needs including the size of your organisation). Our objective is to provide you with an exhaustive overview which would allow you to use the systems proficiently with minimal supervision from SCOPE. Having said that ... SCOPE will remain available to help and re-train personnel on a by-need basis.

Post-launch Support

After you go live with the solution, support is automatically included within our offering as we want you to keep focus on your core business and not on IT systems. SCOPE operates an unlimited support policy. Support related to the exploitation of the solution functionality is provided on an unlimited basis. For more information check out the Support tab.

Enhancements & Hosting

All products are continuously being developed and improved. All of our solutions are automatically upgraded periodically with new releases. A new release may contain new product features, improved functionality, performance updates and bug fixes. These enhancements are seamlessly added to your current solution without disruption.

Your data is securely hosted in the best data centres around the globe, to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind you truly deserve to focus on your business.

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