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Who we are

Scope TeamScope Solutions is a community of diverse professionals, originally co-founded by a Finance and I.T. professional. 


One of the co-founders is an accountant by profession who today focuses on delivering I.T. solutions, a passion he has always enthusiastically shared for a very long time. He is a firm believer in the principle 'do what you love, love what you do', whilst insisting that this can only happen when complimented by a sustainable business model! He has extensive experience in the financial control realm, having led one of the largest finance functions on the island. He brings a wealth of operational knowledge in the core finance fields of tax, financial reporting and consolidations, amongst other statutory reporting exercises. His managerial involvement allowed him to drive organisation change through appropriate business plans and detailed management reports, prepared using different investment appraisal techniques & cost model frameworks. His background also exposed him to multiple acquisitions, mergers & restructuring programs. Throughout the years he has driven a number of system implementation projects in the areas of Financial Accounting, Point Of Sale, Inventory Management, Billing Platforms, Business Intelligence, Fixed Asset Register Modules & Procurement Systems, amongst others. 


The other partner and co-founder is a PRINCE2 certified I.T. professional who has implemented projects for over a decade and has worked with high profile clients such as Government, MITA, EU, University, a number of international banks, oil and gas as well as other established local and foreign clients. He is specialised in the project management of software driven projects including ERP, business intelligence, accounting software and bespoke software development.  He has a strong web-related skillset which is consistently applied when delivering cloud-based solutions. His contribution to SCOPE is vital in all I.T. related matters, communication, solutions planning and implementation.


Careers with ScopeIt is part of our core philosophy at SCOPE to assign a dedicated Solutions Specialist to every client, who acts as a liaison point before, during and especially after the go-live phase. Our team of Solution Specialists have different professional backgrounds across different sectors. We also have a team of dedicated developers, who are assigned to key projects with very particular needs.

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