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We’ve Moved! Here’s a sneak peak into our new hub

Malta Life Sciences Park

Scope has moved to new state-of-the-art premises!

We are glad to announce that Scope has recently relocated to a more modern and stylish studio space at the Digital Hub within the Life Sciences Park! This move came about by the need for a larger space, better location and actual parking spaces!


The new office offers more square footage, but more importantly it has allowed us to evolve our layout in order to better suit our growing team.


Scope Offices - Sofa

Whilst planning our hub, we had two determining words in our mind: creativity and design. The colours of our logo spread nicely onto the interior of the office. We now have an open plan layout so we can all work closer together. This move was much more than just about office space, it was about improving communication, having a more inviting environment and becoming a closer team.


We are settling in nicely and the next steps involve spicing things up. The latest sprinkle of spice has to be our Playstation 4, sexy sofas and who can forget our amazing coffee machine! In fact we look forward to having you over, to try our tasty coffee!


Thank you for your support throughout this incredible journey!


Scope Meeting Room
Last Updated: 10-02-2017 18:13
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