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Point-of-sale advert on Vend ipad

The internationally awarded cloud based POS called Vend is already used by over 10,000 retail stores worldwide. The POS is built to work with any size or type of retail business. It works on iPad, Mac or PC and connects to all the latest barcode scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers.

Amongst other features, the functionality includes inventory management, customer relationship management, loyalty programmes and a suite of powerful reports. It is a beautifully designed, intuitive and responsive point–of–sale system that makes it fast and easy to sell to your customers. Your server headache days are over thanks to this fresh deployment approach. This concept allows you to use your POS from multiple locations simultaneously with real time visibility of your business.

Real-time integration with accounting software, appointment scheduling, eCommerce and a host of other solutions are valuable add-on options, which will help to improve your business.

Scope’s dedicated team of specialists will take care of software & hardware configuration, data migration, training and provide on-going support. Scope’s pricing model takes the form of an affordable monthly fee with no hidden setup charges.

Founded in 2012 with a very clear and ambitious mission, Scope are local leaders in the provision of cloud-based business software solutions. Through their fresh approach, Scope provide solid and affordable foundations to startups and excellent opportunities to existing companies.

For more information about Scope’s POS, you may call on 7979 7975, send an email to [email protected] or visit our point of sale web page.

Point-of-sale advert on TechSunday


The following article and advert were published on TechSunday (published together with the Sunday Times of Malta) on 15th June 2014.

Last Updated: 03-08-2014 16:21
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