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Scope is Xero Gold Partner

Scope, the leading cloud integrator on the island has now been awarded the Xero Gold Partner and the Xero Gold Champion Partner!

Another important milestone for the SCOPE - Xero Accounting software collaboration.  Only a year ago, SCOPE had announced the Silver Partnership with Xero. During the last few months, there was been significant local interest on moving towards cloud accounting software and Xero with it's 600 apps on the marketplace is a natural choice. Local businesses are finding the fresh and holistic approach introduced by SCOPE, to be very attractive. As a result of the healthy economy on the island, new businesses keep mushrooming and established businesses are understanding the importance of investing in improving their IT and accounting services.


Xero Gold Partners

Xero introduced a revolution in the world of accounting by creating an online accounting platform which is designed to be concurrently used by both business and accounting professionals. It works on any device connected to the internet and can be shared with your accountant in real-time. This product is very versatile, making it an ideal fit for any business.

This badge is an important milestone for SCOPE, a clear demonstration that adoption of the cloud model is always on the increase. Although each business is unique, we do see common grounds across sectors especially when it comes to usability, scalability and related costs. Working with cloud applications introduces the opportunity to work with a variety of devices, independent of location with easy sharing of data between employees, managers or advisors.


SCOPE offers an innovative approach to implementing Xero with an all inclusive monthly fee which carries unlimited training and support... read more about this in the Scope-Xero page.

Last Updated: 06-12-2017 11:20
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