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Scope are Official Office 365 Partners

SCOPE are now official Microsoft partners - mainly specialised in cloud-based products, now including the Office 365 product suite.

Scope and Office 365Office 365 is a Microsoft product which helps you run your business more easily. The beauty of this cloud-based solution is that you and your staff can get work done anytime and from anywhere

SCOPE offers a range of cloud-based solutions such as accounting software, point-of-sale and inventory. Adding Office 365 to our range of products is an important strategic move for Scope as it will continue to allow us to offer a complete cloud-based solution to our clients.

The Office 365 comes in various flavours including Exchange and Skype only, Office tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) only, or both options. If you are interested to learn more about Office 365 or how this can help you transform your business, feel free to contact us or to visit the Office 365 solution page.

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Last Updated: 24-02-2016 15:59
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