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Cloud Integrators

Cloud Integrators MaltaCloud integrators are specialists who support business owners as they implement cloud software and related add-ons. The result is a perfectly unified cloud solution to run their business.

One of the benefits of the cloud is the fact that you can piece together the perfect solution for your business using best-of-breed applications, instead of using one vendor offering a compromised solution because they are trying to be everything to everyone. If you are not an expert on what options are available, this is precisely where a cloud integrator can help.

The great thing about cloud integrators is the way they create a sustainable future for I.T. resellers who traditionally sold software in a box. With software moving into the cloud, the reseller role also needs to evolve and this is where cloud integrators come in — rather than sell boxes of software, cloud integrators can offer sets of integrated cloud solutions. Their specialist expertise in software applications guarantee the delivery of a complete functional solution.

They also give existing accounting and bookkeeping partners the ability to focus on their strengths. Cloud integrators can set up clients with accounting software and other cloud solutions, while their accountant takes on the ongoing support and consulting that they do best. 

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Last Updated: 08-02-2014 22:32
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