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Cloud-related FAQs

What are cloud based solutions?

Is your understanding still foggy ?


this clip is a good place to start !


This innovative approach offers an infinite number of benefits to the business community. Where traditionally, users would run software installed on a physical machine or server in ... continue reading

Is my data secure?

Software as a Service offers a great advantage when it comes to security. Your data cannot be accessed by unauthorised people. When making the decision between hosting In-house vs Software as a Service, the question you should be asking is the following:

 Can WE ensure our own security? 

Take ... continue reading

Operationally headache-free?

Operationally headache-freeUnder the 'conventional' software model, organisations need to be concerned about upgrades, backups & installations, amongst other operational matters. They need to have plans in place for business continuity and disaster recovery.

The SaaS model is addressing all these by offering a ... continue reading

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS)SaaS or Software as a Service  provides software services directly from the cloud and can be accessed using a device connected to the internet, typically using the browser. Examples of SaaS products are popular email clients such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail or social network sites such as ... continue reading