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Why sweat trying to fit your business into a box of software?

Date: 17-11-2015 10:43

SCOPE can help you implement software that easily fits your business. A cloud-based solution that scales to your needs, never becomes obsolete and can be used from any device connected to the internet. Additionally, we offer an unlimited training and support policy with no upfront costs or capex investments. Our mission is to help startups succeed and to launch established entities into a new era. We have the tools you need to run your ... continue reading

When should you hire an accountant?

Date: 12-08-2014 10:10

Hire accountant in Malta

A recent research carried out by Xero amongst the small business community showed that many small businesses are unsure about when to hire an accountant and about the value they can bring.

If you’re a small business owner, the chances are pretty high that you didn’t start your own business to be swamped in the financials. This is where it makes sense to get a professional to take care of the numbers so you can focus on what you do best – running the business.

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Which Social Media Platforms Drive Most Sales?

Date: 02-04-2014 14:33

Business owners often wonder about the "ROI of social media". Is my Facebook page actually driving sales? Is all this tweeting really doing anything for my bottom line? Should I be on Pinterest and Instagram?

To better understand how social media is impacting the ecommerce industry, Shopify analysed data from 37 million social media visits that led to 529,000 Shopify orders.

Here's some interesting data points they uncovered:

Paradox of Choice - is more choice, always better?

Date: 02-01-2014 01:21

The paradox of choiceMost people and businesses appreciate that software and technology in general, can significantly simplify everyday inconveniences. Yet somehow they equally sense that there is a better way of doing things which they are not actively pursuing. If you can relate to this notion, this usually happens to you for one or a combination of the following two reasons:


A. The paradox of choice

More choice is not always better! The technology chapter can be overwhelming. So many ... continue reading