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Paradox of Choice - is more choice, always better?

The paradox of choiceMost people and businesses appreciate that software and technology in general, can significantly simplify everyday inconveniences. Yet somehow they equally sense that there is a better way of doing things which they are not actively pursuing. If you can relate to this notion, this usually happens to you for one or a combination of the following two reasons:


A. The paradox of choice

More choice is not always better! The technology chapter can be overwhelming. So many business applications are being released each month, it is hard to keep up with which applications suit which businesses.


B. But is the effort to change, worth the hassle?

Unless challenged, you potentially can get stuck in habitual ways of doing things. As long as there is an acceptable level of function, people in general do not usually feel the need to change. Traditionally, change is considered to be resource hungry. Change requires a significant investment, a focused drive and ultimately human & financial resources.

Well, if you are reading this article we would like to congratulate you, since this probably means that there is a certain level of drive and curiosity, which are fundamental first steps required to take necessary action … every journey begins with a single step!

Continue reading below if you are curious to understand, how we challenge both paradigms A & B above !

A. The paradox of choice … how we alleviate this pain!

The paradox of choiceAt SCOPE we invest an incredible amount of energy in researching different cloud applications. We now know what to ask and which doors to knock. We do get answers to the important questions, such as ….

  • WHAT does the software exactly do and which areas are left unaddressed
  • HOW do they precisely do what they do,
  • whether they do what they claim they do (exhaustive testing)
  • WHICH different apps integrate with one another
  • HOW different apps integrate with one another
  • which apps are suitable for which business, or more specifically which contexts

When we meet with our next client, we are already equipped with this practical knowledge which has already been nourished, nurtured and put into practice!


B. But is the effort to change, worth the hassle? …

Honesty is the best policy! We will not lead you into a fantasyland of fairy tales about how you will not need to lift a finger to effect change. Of course change needs to be supported by an underlying belief in the potential value it will add. We believe that your support will naturally be there as soon as you take the courageous, yet simple decision to make this happen.

The Paradox of choiceBut ... what we can promise you is that from a human resourcing perspective, the efforts to enable the change, will be a fraction of what is required to invest in this change all by yourself! And if this is not enough, our support also challenges the traditional I.T. software model on the financial level too. This is where it gets more interesting ... this is where your grin begins to widen ... this is where your curiosity begins to grow!

ALL our solutions are deliverred with a 'NO setup cost' policy ! All you have to pay is an affordable monthly service subscription which kicks off the day you actually start using your solutions. No hidden small footprints here! We are very transparent about our pricing policy and we intend to keep it this way. Risky approach for us? Well, this gives you an idea of how confident we feel that our proposed solutions do actually meet your needs ... doesn't it?

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