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What is SCOPE about?

Scope fresh approachSCOPE is a community of diverse professionals who specialise in the implementation, configuration and development of cloud applications.

SCOPE is all about introducing a fresh approach towards business software. All solutions offered are through the innovative cloud-based concept, better known as ... continue reading

Who are our customers?

Our customers range from a single location retailer or importer, to a chain of multi-connected shops, warehouses and offices.

Our clients span across different industries. A dedicated Solutions Specialist from our team is usually assigned to your respective Sector

Scope Customers

Who are SCOPE?

We are a community of I.T. professionals, accountants and managers with experience across different business sectors. We all share a few common passions ...

  • we never stop learning
  • we love applying technology
  • we believe that simplicity is the best form of elegance
  • we continuously search for ... continue reading

What does the monthly fee include?

Pricing ModelThere are no hidden costs or hidden charges! Our pricing model takes the form of an affordable monthly fee , which is typically made up of the following package:

  1. Business analysis & solution design
  2. Data migration from your previous systems
  3. Full implementation
  4. Training program
  5. ... continue reading

Who is a Solutions Specialist?

We understand that the shift to a new system can be a delicate transition.  Key players from our team will be hand-picked according to your needs. Your  Solutions Specialist will be chosen to act as the primary point of contact to ensure that no requirements are left unaddressed.

Your ... continue reading

What costs are involved?

Cloud Cost SavingsSo this looks, feels and sounds amazing, but how much does it cost?

As you start to realise how innovative and powerful this concept is, prepare yourself to be amazed even more ! Our approach towards a typical implementation does NOT involve ANY initial setup costs. Our pricing model takes the form of an affordable monthly fee ... the risk is ultimately on us!